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Arthshastra was a book written by Chanakya. It was specially written for the kings and the leaders. Arthashastra has been completely based on generating and managing wealth. So in this program, we will be covering four stages of wealth.


14-16th June

7:30 - 9:00 PM (IST)

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What you are going to learn?


Suppose you want to get rich and make money, and have lots and lots to spend. The first thing is to identify how, and from which area you’re going to make that finances or create that wealth.

Therefore, the first thing is to understand is Wealth identification. Please note wealth is not just money that is there in your bank or your assets, the real wealth is your talent. What is naturally good at you.

 If you can create your profession around what you’re good at, I’m sure you’ve identified your greatest asset that is you, yourself, build around it, and you can create a lot of wealth for yourself and for others 

Chanakya calls it as swadharma. In this program you will get some formulas on finding your swadharma.


Once you’ve identified what you’re good the second stage is wealth creation. Just because you have identified what is good in you, or what is a potential that is available, doesn’t mean you have created wealth. 

After identifying, you need to work hard to make it happen. Think about this study, identified a goldmine, you realize that it’s a reservoir of gold over there but do you become wealthy.

No, you need to go and mine it, you need to create it, you need to refine it, and then package it to sell it to the whole world. 

In the same way if you have some talent, we need to develop that work around it presented properly, and then create initially it’s really difficult to identify wealth, but once you’ve identified it, make sure you create it. Otherwise, somebody else will create it on your behalf.




After you have identified and created wealth. The third stage is to manage it. In the first two stages you are running behind money, running behind to create wealth.

But once you have created something interesting happens. Money starts coming behind you. You need to save it, and invest it.

Many people don’t understand the difference between saving and investment, saving is always for the rainy days while investment is always long term.

Make sure you save for your safety and security, but invest more to create wealth and have a diversified way of investing.

So managing wealth is also a important point we have to understand. So in this program you will get to know the sutras for financial management.


Fourth and the most important aspect that is wealth distribution. It’s very important to give back to the society because it is from the society that we create wealth.

We can never create wealth in isolation. It’s never about me, it’s about we.

So once you’re created wealth, make sure you give it back. Now here’s a question how much to give back.

It is need verses greed. So in this program you will get to know the formula of wealth distribution.

You must join today if you are

Doing Business or Startup

Business and startup require profits to survive and for profits they should focus on 4 stages of wealth and align their product and service according to generate wealth.

Working In Coporate Management

Are You a corporate employee who at the end of month could not save much and still figuring your swadharma to earn wealth. Wealth Identifacation and Weath creation helps you to ali

Creative Professional

Are you facing a creative block often.

Creative professional like youtuber, designer, social media marketer and many solopreneurs need to learn not only wealth creation and but also wealth multiplication.


From childhood we have been said by our parents and teacher money is the root of all evil

According To Chanakya Without Artha (Money) There is no (Dharma).

So Learn the art of controlling money instead of money controls you.

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